Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Different stories

So remember this woman? Someone called me yesterday morning to tell me that she was going to remove the cats and perhaps bring them back to her area. I told the caregiver to be careful as her area had been the subject of numerous complaints already and I wasn't sure that bringing more cats in was a good idea. In addition, the cats were going to be spooked if relocated. Most importantly, we still had no assurance the woman would not take in more cats.

The caregiver was very certain that she would be able to remove the cats and get them sterilised. She said that the woman had agreed. She then removed several cats.

This afternoon, someone else I know called me who runs a pet transport service. The person was very worried and mentioned someone had called her late yesterday and asked her to transport cats to the vet. During the course of the conversation, it occurred to me it might well be the same case - it was. It seems that after telling the other caregiver that she could take the cats and get them sterilised, she had then decided to call the pet transport lady to ask her to take the cats to SPCA for her. She also apparently called another feeder and asked THAT feeder to do the same because she doesn't want to do it.

I called the first caregiver back and said that the woman had decided to send the cats to the SPCA yet again. She said perhaps the woman was confused. I told her that both I and the pet transport woman had told her that the SPCA simply has no space and will have no choice but to put the cats down. When I ASKED her if she knew what happened to the cats, she said she knew they would be killed - but to her, it was better than living on the streets.

She also apparently told the pet transport woman she might want to consider releasing them all too - though she told ME she was firmly against that. Sigh.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

lesser cats now, wonder where they have gone! I saw the cages and she obviously knows nothing about simple, basic cattery. Few unsterilised cats still hanging around shopfront.

4/12/07 11:22 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

At least some of the cats was taken by the caregiver who called me.

5/12/07 12:17 AM  

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