Monday, December 10, 2007


I was speaking to a woman who moved out of her rented house in Singapore. She lives in a neighbourhood with quite a number of expatriates. Unfortunately when some of them have moved, they have dumped some of the cats. Unfortunately it is also not limited to expatriates - a family of Singaporeans moved out while their home was renovated ten years ago and asked her to feed their cat. They returned but never came back for the cat.

Fortunately this woman loves her cats very much and took them with her when she left. She sent me some photos of them in her new home. However, she is returning to Singapore and in the meantime was a bit hesitant to remove the community cats in her area because there are several families, both locals and expatriates, who are very fond of them. One is a long time community cat in the area who is ten years old and much loved.

After speaking with her the other day though, we talked about a neighbour who has been trapping the cats. The woman decided to trap the community cats and send them to her home overseas because she is worried that they might get trapped. She said that she is very upset with the neighbour because she said that the neighbour cooks fish and leaves it out for the cats - and that is why the cats walk into the traps.

It does make you wonder - how much do these complainants entice the cats in by leaving nice smelling food in their traps?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is an act equivalent to mediated murder IF the cats do get their rights!
If only these trappers will do they like to be enticed by some intelligent alien beings with christmas goodies only to be sent to the gallow!

10/12/07 6:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the fish was not "offered", cat may not be enticed onto her property. Can say this is a "set up" or not? Like previous anonymous said, premediated killing.
Are the cats' rights (heheeee....) being violated?
Can cats plead that they do not know right (to take up an offer of free food) from wrong (wrong to trespass)? The fish IS intended for the cat (offer of food) - if not, why put it in a trap? You don't put your husband's dinner in a cat trap.

11/12/07 12:11 AM  

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