Friday, December 07, 2007


Someone called up this morning to speak about a woman she told us was banned from feeding in a certain area. Coincidentally I have met and spoken to this woman with the young woman running the TNRM programme there. She had called me a while ago and said she was told to stop feeding. However the young woman and I spoke with the management of the area at a meeting- it was agreed that if she fed responsibly and in a better area, there would not be an issue.

We had gone down to discuss the issue with the management and they agreed that if the feeding could be moved to an area away from the food areas it would be fine.

However since then apparently the feeder has said it would be difficult to relocate them. She wants to move them in carriers to the new feeding spot. This is not going to work because the cats are just going to run back. We suggested feeding them and moving them slowly to the new location and making the new environment more attractive to the cats. She also complained to the woman she saw yesterday that after eating, when she walks back to the original spot, the cats will follow her. I suggested to the woman that she can advise her to go out a different entrance so the cats will not go back to the original location. It will be a slow process but it IS necessary - and it's certainly a better idea than saying she wants to board them but that she has no money.

On the other hand, I understand she continues to feed on the footpath at 6:30 pm. That's probably the worst possible time to feed the cats.



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