Monday, December 31, 2007

Lianhe Zaobao (31-12-07)

Thanks to Kootoo Monster for sending this in. Thanks to the earlier complaint letter to the Lianhe Zaobao, the town council has moved in and taken cats away to be killed.



Anonymous chinky said...

Speak out for the cats!
Write to the Bishan-Tao Payoh Town Council and voice your displeasure!

Bishan-Tao Payoh Town Council

We welcome your FEEDBACK.
Toa Payoh Office :
Blk 125A #01-134,
Toa Payoh Lorong 2,
Singapore 311125
Tel : 6259 6700
Fax : 6259 9626

Bishan Office :
Blk 197 #01-585,
Bishan St 13,
Singapore 570197
Tel: 6259 6700
Fax: 6356 7388

31/12/07 9:37 AM  
Blogger EJ. said...


Pardon this on New Year's Eve.
But this is absolutely outrageous and stupid!

Did the cats killed someone to deserve this?

31/12/07 10:21 AM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Good idea Chinky. You can also write to the Lianhe forum and voice your displeasure.

31/12/07 10:24 AM  
Anonymous chinky said...

Cat Sterilisation Project at Bukit Merah View (2000)

31/12/07 10:34 AM  
Anonymous chinky said...

Give your feedback here

我在zaobao.com网站上看到一篇文章“已把野猫交由有关部门处理” ,想请你去看看。这篇文章的网址是:

31/12/07 10:50 AM  
Anonymous chinky said...

(ignore above)
here's the email address to reply to the town council's letter:

1、确认邮件“主题(subject)”栏的内容为相应的栏目名称(如“台海局势”),不要将标题放在该栏中,否则可能被误判为垃圾邮件而遭自动删除; 2、请在内文的第一行前加上标题; 3、分清段落,每段均以两个中文全角空格开头; 4、请不要使用附件。5、注意投稿邮址已改为,请勿使用废弃之旧邮址;6、稿件有或无采用,编辑都不会另作通知; 7、投稿是无稿费的 谢谢支持与合作!

31/12/07 10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot blame the TC for acting. I think the lesson here is that once there is a complain, TC will have to act. So what is best is that caregivers act immediately to contact the TC if something can be done to solve the situation. Such as TNRM and also let TC officers know that there are caregivers managing the colony.

Writing letters to rebut in the press only does half the work. To the residents who complained and the TC who gets the complains. All they see is a letter telling them off and no solution so they take action by culling the cats. Problem of cats solved IMMEDIATELY. Nevermind that other cats will fill up the gap etc... when that happens simply cull again. Its not difficult to trap and cull anyway. To the TC, it's concern is a solution and if no one contacts them then they will just cull.

31/12/07 1:56 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Yes Anonymous I agree with you - unfortunately there were no caregivers in the area, or none anyone knows of anyway.

31/12/07 1:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh... seems that with the recent influx of PRCs, more and more complains in the chinese press about cats... Guess back in China, animals are not regarded highly except as food.

31/12/07 2:01 PM  
Anonymous Leo said...

We really don't know if the letter writing came from PRC but the fact is that translation of Dawn's letter was courtesy of a PR who came from PRC.
The fact remains that the letter writer did not ask for the cats to be killed but for solution that was offered in subsequent two letters. The problem is much needed paradigm shift in the TC mentality as KILL as a knee-jerk solution has become so deeply engrained into the TC and other governmental depts' mentality that automatically ascribed cat feedback as "cat nuisance".
It remains for us who are not ignorant and who feel that we need to include kindness to animals in our progress forward to be more vocal to be heard above that of complainants.

31/12/07 3:04 PM  

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