Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Managing cats

I was speaking to someone who had called a while ago. Her parents had been feeding cats but were adamant against getting them sterilised. She called again today to say that her father has been diagnosed with dementia. She said that she feels that something has to be done before the number of cats increases dramatically and she is absolutely right.

Unfortunately with people growing older, sometimes people fail to (or are unable to) think of what will happen to their cats if something should happen to them till its too late. Of course this may be something that can happen to any of us - no matter how old (or young we are). At least, if they are sterilised however, the number does not keep growing - someone might well be happy to have 15 cats and more being born, but the next person taking them on may well not be. A manageable number of cats is definitely easier to plan for as well.

The woman I spoke to said her mother may well feel she cannot cope with the cats and may ask for them to be removed - so it's a good thing to start thinking of what options there are as soon as possible.

I suggested she try and convince her mother that if the cats are sterilised, that the number is still pretty manageable. If her father gets worse, and her mother is not in the best of health, there is going to be a real issue of how to manage all the cats. She will speak with her brother and get back to me.

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Anonymous chinky said...

Sterilising the cats and letting the father care for them might be therapeutic as it is a familiar thing to him.

26/12/07 7:35 PM  

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