Monday, December 10, 2007

No Bank Accounts

I just called someone who sent in a bunch of reimbursement forms and receipts but each reimbursement was for a different area. I called to double check if someone was caring for the cats and was doing management in these areas and to encourage her to consider doing so, if there was no one there.

She told me that she was actually sending in reimbursements for caregivers who did not have bank accounts. I have to say that since I joined CWS, I have been surprised by how many people do not have bank accounts and wanted to know how they could ask for reimbursements. Some mentioned the minimum amount to start an account was too high for them - it's amazing to me that they continue however to sterilise the cats and bring them into the vet, though they clearly aren't well to do. It's also very impressive that they are willing to do so despite their financial situation. Often people who claim they cannot afford to sterilise the cats are much better off then these caregivers who do.

We do not send out blank cheques obviously or cheques made out "cash" because if those get lost, then anyone can claim it. Fortunately, there are a number of people like this young lady who will claim the amount and reimburse it to the various caregivers.

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Blogger calsifer said...

Kudos to these financially poor, but compassion rich caregivers. And of course the young lady who assists them to claim the reimbursements.

If only the AVA scheme to give reimbursements is also working! That would surely be more help to caregivers like these.

10/12/07 5:07 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Christmas wish! Let's hope it comes true!

10/12/07 5:10 PM  

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