Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Of Found cats and Cameras

We've had three people write in recently to say that their cats had returned - in the last week actually. Some of these cats had been missing for weeks. I cannot imagine a nicer Christmas present than to have your lost cat home.

Someone just wrote in to say that her lost cat had walked home. She says it basically walked back from one end of the island to the other so am trying to find out how she knew where the cat had turned up - she said the paws also looked quite blistered from all the walking.

It WOULD be nice to see what the cats see on their day to day routine - and it would certainly help if they were lost or trapped. Apparently someone came up with the idea of a doggy camera from the original Japanese invention - they're now asking for cat submissions. The camera can either snap in one continuous shot or take shots at pre-determined intervals apparently. I'm pretty sure a camera wouldn't see very long on a cat though - and people might actively try and steal them. If someone could figure out a way to transfer the images direct to a PC though then it could also work as a measure against abuse and even abandonment. Thanks Lyanne for the link!

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