Thursday, December 06, 2007

Scarecrow loan

One of the AVA officers called this morning - apparently they spoke with the man trapping the cats in this estate and some altercation is going on in the area. The officer advised that he might want to try the Scarecrow because it seemed that feedback suggested it was quite effective. The man apparently said that I had been down to loan him the Scarecrow and he had tried it once and it was ineffective. He said that it sprayed the cars that went by. He also said it was too sensitive.

I explained to the officer that (1) the Scarecrow has to be used over a period of time and that (2) I had already suggested that they change the radius which the Scarecrow covers so that it does not shoot at the cars outside. However, his wife told me that the cats were in the same area and they wanted it to spray at the cats. I explained that the Scarecrow cannot spray at the cats but not the cars.

The officer had said he would check with me and told the man that he would ask me to call him back. The officer asked if I wanted to speak with the man on the phone and I told him that the man had refused to give me his phone number. He does however have MY number.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

In cases like this when FREE loan of cat traps encourages such lazy behaviour, he will find excuses not to see anything else!
Humane laws are needed to enforce the use of humane devices on people like this chap who thinks nothing of snuffing out the lives of cats so that he can enjoy his garden for whatever left of his not too long life!
AVA must stop the free loan of traps so such loafers who are sucking on our taxpayers' money for his laziness!

6/12/07 10:32 AM  

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