Wednesday, December 05, 2007


This case is getting stranger. It seems that the woman with the cats has called several different people and said several different things. The latest status though seems to be that she will have them sterilised.

It also seems that the AVA had gone by to advise her last week. The woman kept insisting that the AVA had told her to keep the cats in several years ago. I am not sure if this was indeed the case, but she agreed that I had been by and spoken with her on the phone and told her that she had to stop taking cats in.

The caregiver removed several cats and says that they are in bad condition. According to the caregiver, the woman told her that she has found a place to put the cats but the caregiver wants to see where this area is before returning any of the cats to the woman.

The woman kept saying that the caregiver was trying to get her into trouble and she was worried that the SPCA might come down and check on her if the caregiver reported her. I told her that if as she says, the cats are all in good condition, then what does she have to worry about? I told her that she should only worry if she thinks that they are badly off, which she insists they are not.

The caregiver is now also talking about going to the press. I said that has to be considered carefully. For one thing, the cats might really all be removed if there is a lot of negative publicity - and she has to consider where they will go if that's the case. It might be better (if possible) to work with the woman and try and improve the situation. It might also play into the scenario of the crazy cat people who cram too many cats into a small space.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

the caregiver been advised to refrain from calling the press as the feeder has been the only one
feeding and taking care of the cats in the area.

It's unkind to put the woman, who likes cats, in bad light. Caregiver was offended by some of the things the woman said. Unwise to call the press, it's like going against your own kind.

6/12/07 10:36 PM  

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