Monday, December 03, 2007

Town Council Financial Reports

As most of you know, I'm not a big numbers person, so all those of you out, especially those who are good with numbers or financial reports, please take a look at this interesting link sent in by yskat (thanks!) :-

Residents willing to pay more for conservancy

I was more interested in the town council financial reports, several of which were posted online. For one thing, pest control is never mentioned specifically - I can only hazard a guess that it might be "other works and maintenance", though it could be under "cleaning works" or "General and Administrative expenses". All those figures aren't exactly small though - and I wonder what proportion goes to pest control. If anyone has a better idea or spots something, let me know!

Even if you are not inclined to numbers, it's an interesting read. Some TCs put in a lot of obvious effort into their reports and had nice writeups talking also about what they hope to achieve for their estate - Bishan-Toa Payoh for example talked about the process of the estate becoming one's home. Interestingly, they also state that there are service standards for town council officers to get back to residents, but they do not state what time period a resident should expect a response within.



Anonymous Anonymous said... councils have more money than many well-known organisations.
1 If there is so much money and even "sinking fund" - why not collect less from residents? Is it possible to ask for a reason why a HUGH "sinking fund" is needed - are the reserves used to defend hdb homes?

2 Who are the people who would be the check&balance on how the money is spent? Religious organisations collecting money from their own members are asked to account for their funds, can residents ask for an account on how THEIR money is spent?

Wow, didn't realise how RICH TCs are - no wonder lah, now we know why TCs act the way they do.

4/12/07 3:19 PM  

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