Thursday, December 27, 2007

Voice message

Poor Wiggie was given a scolding over the phone. She checked the voice message system and there were no messages in the morning, but due to some glitch, when she called again, she got a message, saying that someone needed help to rescue a cat. She did not leave a name or location. The woman eventually called the SPCA who went down.

Wiggie called her back and explained that this isn't what CWS does - and that the catsnip number is for booking sterilisation appointments. The woman scolded her and said that there was no point in having CWS and that we were the only Cat Welfare Society in the phone book. She asked for Wiggie's name, then hung up on her.

CWS as regular blog readers know, is NOT a rescue organisation. We focus on sterilisation and management. We do not do rescue work, and our focus is more on advocacy in working with the TCs/management corporations and caregivers. Also, the voice message system is only to book sterilisation slots and not for urgent matters. We used to have a message that said that but for some reason, the message has disappeared (Wiggie is working on that).

Here's a bit of trivia for you - when CWS first started, the founders wanted to call it the Cat Project to have more of an emphasis on sterilisation. Unfortunately at the time, the Registry of Societies did not allow Societies without the word "Society" in the name. So on the spot, our then-President Jean came up with Cat Welfare Society - no one has actually liked the name, including (especially!) Jean.

So please don't leave urgent messages on the voice message system - email if there is anything urgent - and sorry Wiggie. You didn't deserve to get yelled at, or hung up on!



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