Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Willing to work together

I'm working on my presentation for Saturday. Usually I go through the TNRM packet and talk a bit about the different information - and I'll still do that, but this workshop I'll be focusing a bit more on Mediation and Management and why it is important to do both.

I was speaking with a complainant today. One of the neighbours apparently has pet cats and two caregivers have gone by twice to speak with the neighbour already. The cats are let out and defecate outside the complainant's flat. One of the things she said was that she was scared of cats, but that she did not want them harmed. Apparently some of her friends had advised her to throw things at the cats. Others told her that THEY relocated the cats themselves.

She said something interesting to me - she said it was very nice to see caregivers who were willing to do this. She also said that she always thought that people who cared for animals must be more compassionate as a general rule. While she wants the problem to be stopped, it seems that she's more than willing to work with the caregivers. One of the things that was striking about this complainant was that when her husband had first called me last week about this problem, was that he immediately gave me his name, unit number AND phone number.



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